Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Orlando's Local & The Sweetkisses Reunion

Friday night (That would be Nov 26th) I had the opportunity to get out of the house.  Orlando's Sweetkisses, who had not played in about 4 years, would be making their grand return to the stage at the BackBooth in downtown Orlando.  I got to the bar at the end of Bartender Brian's set & hung out waiting for the show.  They did not disappoint, opening up with Mountains of California & blasting through an old favorites set, including a sing along of Can't Get Lucky & a cover of Whiskeytown's 16 Days which was a staple of their live shows in the past.  I think there was only one new song that they unveiled on Friday & the 40 minute set was loud & tight for a band that hadn't played in many years.
Singer & rhythm guitarist Ed Lamoso, who has played in a few different bands in the past few years (Most recently The Vanity Plan), really seems comfortable with this group of guys.  Ed is a multi-instrumentalist who has played drums, guitar, & bass all over the southeast and his decision years ago to grab a microphone and front this band has worked out well.  His voice is strong and distinctive & the songs are catchy and carry a punch.  Sean Holcomb's guitar leads work well with Manny Foret's ryhthm guitar (that's right people, a three guitar band), & the rhythm section with Alex Couch on bass and Larry Fulford on drums.  These guys are pros & the music certainly has carried over the years.
So you know, they are playing another show over at the BackBooth on December 10th, so if you want to hear some rock & roll & have a good time go on down & catch The Sweetkisses.
As a quick aside (time to get to work) I walked across the street after the Sweetkisses show as someone in the bar had told me that Thomas Wynn & The Believers were playing (And no cover charge) at Tanquerays.  I stuck around for a while & listened.  What I heard was very soulful rock & roll played by a strong group of musicians.  Thomas is a passionate singer, & the musicians he has around him make this band groove.  The place was packed, people were dancing, the harmonica player was just amazing, & I will try to catch these guys again.  If you hear about these guys playing around town go downtown, support your city, & check out Thomas Wynn & The Believers.

That's it!  Remember that for every song you hear on the radio there are literally hundreds of artists, band, & musicians that are much better than what's on the radio that you will never hear until you get out there & listen.


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